It seems that my research of Mindfulness is on a type of path that doesn’t seem to have an ending. I say that because everytime I start to get on the complacent path while learning about Mindfulness, a new, enlightening knowledge is learned, seemingly out of nowhere. There are two types of practices used in the worlds of Meditation and Mindfulness, that relate to our minds, and the practices are called “opening the mind” and “focusing the mind.”

When referring to opening the mind for mindfulness & meditation, we’re talking about our observations of everything that is in our awareness…

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Recently, we took an initial look at fear. We learned a lot about it, starting from the ground up. The types of fear, the causes of fear, as well as the way we receive fear, and what it can do to us. Physically, mentally and emotionally. We started to look at many theories and philosophies about dealing with fear. We asked ourselves, if we must we sit down and remain stuck and attached to these fears for all eternity?

I wanted to go a bit further into the world of fear. I’ve been studying ways in which we can defeat…

For a very long time, I didn’t understand any parts of the true meaning behind the many negative experiences that I had been faced throughout my life. I feel like I was living in a black or white place, and experiences or tribulations were things that were just either good or bad.

I had never realized back then, that life did have the potential to give me plenty of meaning. Meaning that would help mold me in a way where I could continue to develop and grow for my entire life. It took a long time before I would learn…

Powerlessness thinking is “a belief that you have no control over yourself, or the events around you.” This type of thinking can also lead to other things like a feeling of a need to be defensive, you’ll feel as if you have no control, and you will likely become vulnerable. You think you aren’t able to do things, so you probably wont try doing things. You are able to do things. But you don’t do them, because you think you can’t. Powerlessness thinking is a combination of anxiety and depression mixed into one. “Bad things can become worse. You feel…

This subject is one that has continuously received a lot of air time and think time, within my brain. I have touched on it often, and it may not be new for many of my readers.

Wonderful things have always come along with me on my journeys of recovery and sobriety. But with that wonder and beauty, has also often traveled a bit of a darker cloud. One that is filled with suspicion, darkness, distrust, and a lack of faith.

We addicts live one of the most chaotic lives that anyone could live. Many times, it’s a path that becomes…

No matter the personal strengths that we may legitimately have, we seem to be the only people out of everybody, who are unable to recognize them. That’s a bit of philosophy that I recently heard. It definitely felt like a true statement.

It was easy for me to confess to myself that I rarely have been able to give myself credit, when credit’s been due at many different times of my life. It has been that way for a major part of my life. Always the last person to recognize my own attributes.

Now what is truly involved in putting…

Worry and Anxiety are both often interchangeable in their technical definitions, but how different are they? Are they so similar that when we are feeling one of them, we are simultaneously feeling the other? Let us see just what the differences are of the two, and how either of them relate to our own selves, as we journey the path of Mental Health in our lives.

Experts say that the definition of worry is connected to things that are categorized mentally, and involves things like “what could had been, and what if’s.” The subject or situation involves a potential scary…

Reflections of a publishing journey

I never imagined that I would ever entertain the idea of writing fiction. I approached my writing career a few years ago, with a total mission in my mind that revolved around a non fiction writing goal. I had plenty of life experiences of both bright and dark times that could certainly offer me plenty of material and publications. And to me, the experiences and words I could share, could really be potentially helpful and inspirational to others. Especially when it comes to the common struggles that we as people, can all relate to.

My plan of keeping it to…

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I can’t really make the statement that Mindfulness has been great for me, or that Mindfulness taught me a lot. Statements like those have a past tense tone to them, which doesn’t fit what being mindful really is. It would be deemed a gross understatement to speak of it like it’s not something that is still teaching everyday.

Literally, it’s a teacher that is constantly teaching us as we grow, while at the same time, it itself, is growing as well. It was a great teacher, but it also is clearly something that is continuously teaching me, in real time

There are ways to cope.

There is a type of behaviour out there called mood-dependent behavior. It’s something that I believe everyone has a bit of. To what level, well that can probably vary very much. What that term refers to is a type of behaviour where we act on emotions and feelings almost instantly, not stopping to think about any of the potential consequences that may occur. It’s a seemingly instant act, that comes to be as if it’s a behaviour of instincts, without consideration for whether it fits a situation, or matches the scenario it’s being placed with.

I believe that it could…

Michael Patanella

Author, Publisher, and Editor. I cover mindfulness, mental health, addiction, sobriety, life, and spirituality among other things.

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