Challenge Your Negativity

It can seem so easy to go into battle with my own self. However, it can be quite difficult to get out of that battle. Caution should always be in place, to not allow myself to fall into that type of stuck situation.

Negative thoughts and thinking can harbor very strong energy and results. That way of thinking can certainly crowd my brain at times. It seems like it has a better ability to do that crowding, then any other type of thinking. Many of us may or may not be familiar with the idea of challenging negative belief systems. I wasn’t always familiar with it.

One day I began to learn that, I didn’t have to be a victim of myself. I was liberated from me, when I learned that thoughts are not facts. Just because we think it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Who would had thought huh? A few simple sentences, lead into such a brilliant philosophy.

So, what is the answer or technique to challenging our belief systems? Well, there is a lot of literature out there on this very topic. Solutions are not normally easy and simple or cut and dry. But it’s nothing impossible.

Some of the larger hurdles is being able to change thoughts and beliefs that may be as old as time. We’re going against ourselves, and trying to change ways of ours, that have been stuck the same way forever.

Deep down, we may really know the specifics of what’s in need of changing within us and our thoughts. However that doesn’t mean we’ll just be able to snap our fingers and magically change.

I have heard of, and began reading something called a “Three T Method.” It’s a guideline taught in many different addiction and mental health modules.

The first suggestion states that we should work to identify what situation or event are the activating Triggers that are leading to negative thinking. Then the second is to describe the thoughts.

A popular scenario to use in these teachings often involves the dating scene. Are you struggling to find love? Is it starting to seem hopeless? Is it beginning to trigger negative thoughts? When describing the thoughts, one may get frustrated and tell themselves untrue things

“I obviously am striking out on dating because I have zero appeal. Totally ugly, and nauseating to anyone that I try to talk to and meet.”

This can be quite prevalent in school as well. Whenever there is test taking, and that unwritten, unofficial feeling of competition. If not competing against others, then competing against self. Many of us have been those people who struggle in certain subjects. Or fail exams that we swear up and down that we were ready for. We beat ourselves down hard, and we start to have thoughts that we must be stupid.

“We’re never going to be smart. We will never have a bright future because we can’t be successful in seeking an education.”

This can happen in the workplace too. When people are struggling while attempting to seek promotions? Lacking success with interviews. Feelings of unappreciation. You start thinking that your boss probably barely notices your existence. We may have extreme self thoughts that are terribly negative.

“I must be destined for this low level position here at this job for life. It’s as if, I’ve just turned into a down and out loser who will never get anywhere.”

Now we get to the third part of the Three T Method which is called, “put your thoughts on trial.” It’s a perfect title. Think of a courtroom, a trial, and the looking over of facts, proof and evidence.

This is about being able to get mindful of our thinking. It is harmful to throw such blame onto ourselves, especially when the exaggeration may be easily apparent.

When we look at a situation like the student struggling on a test, most reasonable people can see it more clearly, when we stop for a second, and ask ourselves some questions.

Where is the evidence that the student is a nobody going nowhere? When we see a student get one failing grade, but a dozen good grades, we see the student isn’t perfect. But definitely human.

Same can be said for that person struggling to get a promotion. Or that person who’s been striking out in the dating scene. Maybe a better fit promotion awaits that employee. Maybe that person’s dream date, is just around the corner.

I say to my readers; challenge your belief system. And most certainly challenge the negativity within. Don’t allow your thoughts to be victims of unrealistic contamination.

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Author, Publisher, and Editor. I cover mindfulness, mental health, addiction, sobriety, life, and spirituality among other things.

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Michael Patanella

Michael Patanella

Author, Publisher, and Editor. I cover mindfulness, mental health, addiction, sobriety, life, and spirituality among other things.

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