Editorial On Seasons Here In NJ

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As they say around here where I’m from, the weather has started to “break” and finally summer here in New Jersey seems like it’s behind us. New Jersey seasons is a study that can seem vast for many. Technically, we have four official seasons. However for a long time now, it has seemed like out of those four seasons, only two remain the rather dominate ones. Those two would be, summer and winter.

I say that for a few different reasons. But mainly, I say it because oftentimes, year after year, we seem to almost skip over Autumn and Spring. Winters, especially deep January into February can be bitter and brutal, with absolute unforgiving spells of cold air, and at other times, a blizzard or two.

We crawl our ways into March, you know that month, that’s in like a lion, out like a lamb.

From there, in sort of a fast blur, April brings mid 70’s weather, then humidity, then heat, and then worst of all, that disgusting dew point.

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From there, it seems like we literally have four, almost five solid months of sweat. Maybe I’m just imagining it? I’d only believe that I am missing something if someone out there can show me a real New Jersey Spring, next time they claim there is one. Spring has become nothing but a term in relation to the calendar, but not in anyway with the way it feels when we open up our doors each morning.

People may take on the argument that Spring must be in the air, after all, just look at all the flowers all over? But, unfortunately, those two earlier mentioned things overpower the springtime season, and that is humidity and dew point.

So again, I’ll say that it is that time, that is currently upon us. The one that they say is “breaking.” It’s like a final one, two, and KO punch onto summer, where finally, an opponent named November finally, defeats the Summertime. Summer has it’s few qualities; the beach, baseball, etc, etc. But for the most part, it seems to imprison us into air conditioning.

While “ac” might feel great, it also feels suffocating as well. Plus air conditioning is not a two-fold problem solver. Every single person has “their magic number.” A number which represents a temperature. And the thermostat of summer can cause the most loving of families, friendships and relationships, to go to battle.

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No, that battle is nothing but resistance and a fight for any numbers (temperatures) between 64 and 78. It seems as if no two loved ones are alike. Finally, it is around early November, when peace can be endured. For it is finally, not the right season for air conditioning. While it is also still not cold enough for the heater, and the thermostat of winter.

This philosophy of mine is one I stand strong against. I base on one that goes against the season that brings people to bicker and battle. I can admit that I am able to offer an appreciation for the purpose and meaning of everything that all four seasons can bring. But I am not one who is able to enjoy sweating, that’s not a plus. What is a plus, is that strong November weather. The one that is the only thing capable of knocking out the Summer.

What else does November offer?

It offers a one way, head-on journey into my favorite holiday seasons, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

That my friends are my weather and seasons editorial.

Michael Patanella

is a Trenton, New Jersey Author, Publisher, Columnist, Editor, Advocate, and recovering addict, covering topics of mental health, addiction, sobriety, mindfulness, self-help, faith, spirituality, Smart Recovery, social advocacy, and countless other nonfiction topics. His articles, publications, memoirs, and stories are geared towards being a voice for the voiceless. Hoping to reach others out there still struggling.



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Michael Patanella

Michael Patanella


Author, Publisher, and Editor. I cover mindfulness, mental health, addiction, sobriety, life, and spirituality among other things. MichaelPatanella.medium.com