The Rewards Of Self Discipline

I stumbled across a great article which was written by Deep Patel, VIP for It was titled, “10 Powerful Ways To Master Self-Discipline.” It was the perfect little discovery for me. The topic relates a lot to what my theme has been as an author, for the past several months.

I wanted to share Mr Patel’s list, and give my own feedback, on how it relates to me, and how he hits the nail on the head.

The first one on Patel’s list is so darn true, and it’s “know your weaknesses.” Well isn’t that sure the truth! I think I spent a long time, trying to mask any weakness I had. Hiding it from all the world, including my own self. I refused to face it, and I certainly wanted nobody on earth to know about it. But I eventually learned that knowing our weakness is to learn to understand it.

While I don’t believe in advertising it to the world, I do believe that we don’t have to hide it. This is a matter of acceptance. When we can accept it, we are better able to understand and face it. And sometimes, it is something that we can overcome, or turn around.

In conjunction with knowing our weaknesses, is the next one, which is called “remove temptations.” Well, that fits in nicely. Often times, the temptation is a weakness.

In this case of removing temptation, we can think about a recovering addict, and how treatment recommends changing “people, places, and things.” Well, I believe this is similar. There is no reason to put temptation right on us, in our faces. Keep your surroundings safe. A place where vulnerabilities aren’t exposed for the wrong reasons.

Having goals is important. More specifically clear, concise, and realistic goals. With those goals, be sure to be moving forward in life, shaping out a solid purpose that is built, from those goals that are getting accomplished.

Another recommendation from the list is to try to work on creating new habits. Maybe a better word for that is hobbies. At first, many might think that perhaps, that advice sounds easier than it really is. But, it’s important to look at this advice in a simple fashion. We’re not talking about gigantic, tough, complex, and multi-layered hobbies.

On the contrary, we’re talking easy, simple and basic. For my own examples, I started wonderful hobbies, that is quite fulfilling to me, and they take little time, effort, and usually aren’t expensive.

Getting, and maintaining a few bird feeders are one of my main hobbies. And it’s under a half hour’s worth of time, each day. But I still get great rewards from it. I get to see nature unfolding each and every day. I ended up learning a lot about birds, and things related. I even get to contribute to attracting new species of birds to my home. Types that I never saw beforehand.

That is a good example, of finding a good, meaningful, and again, I’ll say fulfilling hobby. Taking me back a step to the simpler things that have the ability to bring a lot of peace to a person’s day.

Another great idea for self-discipline is the idea of “eat healthily, eat often.” This is certainly not something based off of opinion. I will say that when I was in the best shape of my life, it was during a time, where I certainly wasn’t cutting back, or eating less.

The more I got into shape, the more that I got closer to the target weight, the more “eager” my metabolism got. I can honestly say that I was probably eating 7 to 8 times daily.

Keep in mind that wasn’t all snickers, and milky way bars. I had educated myself a bit in healthy foods, and portion control, and I was feeding my metabolism every 2 hours….sometimes every 90 minutes. Good things for every reader to keep in mind.

With that type of balanced eating, I realize now just how amazing it was making me feel all over. Health was in an excellent state, from everything physical to mental as well. Energy levels also were great. And last but not least, my sleep seemed well regulated.

Always be prepared to reward yourself without having any indulgent guilt. We don’t have to sit here to try to debate on when enough work is done to deserve rewards. I believe that in the way we each know ourselves, seek that reward at your deserving time. A time, that only you know best.

So many of us just seem to believe that we don’t deserve a damn thing ever, and our entire world must be work, work, work, run, run, work. That isn’t true, and it’s not fair.

I don’t mean several thousand dollar vacations three times a month. But once in a while, just give yourself a small reward for a job well done. In many senses, it is something that’s good, and it’ll multiply as many of us work harder, and produce so much more. When we are given that fair rest, that fair break, and that fair reward.

The last one that I wanted to touch on from Author Patel’s list is one that goes into the importance of self-forgiveness. I can attest to this too, through many of my own life experiences. I can sure vouch for the fact that self-forgiveness is so crucial to ourselves, and well being.

Often times, a lack of self-forgiveness is the ball and chain in life, that can really hold us back. In several kinds of way. If can put the brakes on success, it can be detrimental to our mental health, and it can be something that becomes more difficult to deal with, the longer we allow it the chance to sit, and grow strength.

The topic of self-forgiveness is one that can’t be summarized or presented in one or two paragraphs. This is just a brief assurance and promise to all my readers, that none of us deserves a life where we can’t ever forgive ourselves.

It’s just as important, if not more, then seeking the forgiveness of others.

My library of work, does cover self-forgiveness is several different articles, and chapters. Anyone with a deeper interest should definitely consider browsing my other work.

Remember, Author Deep Patel has his list on this topic, as well as his own take on what each category means to him. This has been my own interpretation, but I highly recommend considering checking out his article on

Michael Patanella is a Trenton, New Jersey Author, Publisher, Columnist and Recovering Addict, covering topics of mental health, addiction, sobriety, mindfulness, self-help, faith, spirituality, Smart Recovery, social advocacy, and many other motivational topics. His articles, memoirs and stories are geared towards being a voice for the voiceless. Helping others out there still struggling.

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